HELIX PRESETS - Tones for the working musician

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Line 6 Helix Presets by Kaspar Jalily

Direct tones for the working musician  
Whether you need to blend in with the band or take the spotlight in a solo, these sounds will provide a solid tonal base for you to lay some parts and express your creativity.

5 different amp presets that are snapshot controlled and 2 custom IR, to match every guitar and tonal needs. Straight to the point tones that will inspire you and your audience.

You will find tips on how to get great direct tones out of your Line 6 Helix in the package. 

Also includes 2 exclusive backing tracks for you to jam out with the presets !

By buying these presets, you'll be in the loop for any update, new sounds I come up with ! 

Demo by John Nathan Cordy :

Demo :

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