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Golden Chords - Virtual guitar - 180+ Guitar chords

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Golden Chords is the ultimate tool for composers, songwriters and producers who are looking for fast, intuitive and hassle-free solution to create catchy chord progressions, with over 180 different guitar chord samples spread over 3 key signatures, your next song is only one click away from being created !

Golden Chords includes everything from basic chords, passing chords, diminished chords, common substitutions and more ! From simple pop music progressions to more intricate harmonic arrangements, everything you need is in the package !

Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and Kontakt 5 presets available.

Demos and songs made using Golden Chords, all guitars done with Golden Chords :



Pillar - Osmojam 

Make it simple - Lucien Saurin

Demo by Louie Lastic

Golden Chords can also be transformed as a full-on synth as you can hear in this example : 

Synth vibe with Golden chords


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